The Best Breakfast Drinks

“Good Morning!” Drinks

When we wake in the morning the first thing most of us want to consume is something moist.  While we sleep the body is still digesting, absorbing, eliminating and respiring;  all these processes require water.  Even when I drink a glass of tea or water before bedtime I usually find I am ready for another when I wake up.  Sometimes eating late or drinking alcohol can make us really thirsty. 

Many people feel that they can’t get started without having their first morning coffee or tea.  Coffee and black tea  have a dehydrating effect.  If you can’t get going in the morning without an adrenal stimulant, take some time to re-evaluate your overall health and eating pattern. 

Anna and I go through our own phases of preferences for various morning drinks.  Some things just feel so good to put into an empty morning stomach.  They can help promote a good digestive environment or cleanse our system when it is empty.  The drinks that feel the best are those that have a slightly alkalising effect.  

Here a few initial ideas of some popular morning concoctions.  I would be happy to hear about your own favourites.


Often this may be the first thing we need – before we can wait for the kettle to boil. In summer we keep a bottle of water by the bed for slaking a midnight thirst.


A weak mild herb tea can be a good winter morning starter

Honey and Vinegar

My father, Malcolm, puts one teaspoon of Manuka honey and 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of hot water.  He’s done this most mornings for over 40 years now!  He says “Does it do my any good?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t seem to have done me any harm!”   He’s 71 years young and in remarkably good health.  (He recently told me a story about my Great-great Grandmother who lived to be over 100.  When told in her old-age that tea (black tea) was a poison, she replied “Well if it is, it must be a very slow-acting one”.  Ha ha)

Barley Grass Powder

Sometimes I feel like something powerful and green.  I make a “green cappuccino” by mixing a tablespoon of green powder with ½ cup of water in a small shaker (the small cups from our Tribest Personal Blender are perfect for this).  With a few shakes I have a delicious, frothy, bracing green hit!


This is the liquid made by soaking sprouted wheat, popularised by Ann ‘Wheatgrass’ Wigmore  The enzymes in the sprouted wheat enliven and ferment the water to make a delicious, lemony-tasting drink.  My whole body seems to soak up this liquid and say YES!   We teach how to make this simple preparation in our Uncooking class.


This is milk fermented with a particular combination of bacteria and yeast.  It is made in a similar way to yoghurt, but remains quite runny and seems to have a more complex flavour.  Researchers believe kefir is an important factor in the renowned longevity of  certain areas of Eastern Europe, where it has been made for centuries.  Apparently it is a tonic for digestive system, especially the stomach lining.  A friend of mine recently gave us some kefir grains which are the ‘starter’ for the fermentation.  We are learning the routine of making it.  It’s not the first thing I want to drink in the morning, but it feels like a great thing to have with breakfast.


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